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Arnot Heffernan Slobodian Law Office has grown over the years since its creation in 2002. In 2002, Randi Arnot and Dan Heffernan combined their respective practices into one, forming Arnot Heffernan Law Office. Brent Slobodian joined the law firm in 2008 and became a partner in 2013, thus creating Arnot Heffernan Slobodian Law Office. Five experienced lawyers, a student-at-law, and four administrative staff members now make up the law firm. Our team is committed to helping each client find a solution that meets his or her specific, individual needs. Continue reading below for more information.

Randi Arnot

Ms. Randi Arnot is a partner with the Prince Albert firm of Arnot Heffernan Slobodian Law Office. Randi graduated from the College of Law at the University of Saskatchewan in 1983, completed her articles in Regina, and has been in private practice in Prince Albert since 1984. She received her training in mediation in 1987 with CDR Assoc. of Boulder, Colorado, and advanced training in Comprehensive Family and Divorce Mediation in 1997.  Randi obtained further training in Collaborative Law in 2003. She is active in Prince Albert and surrounding area as a lawyer, mediator, collaborative lawyer, and arbitrator. She remains a member of the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals, Conflict Resolution Saskatchewan, Collaborative Professionals of Saskatchewan Inc. (past president) and the Prince Albert Bar Association (past president). Randi is one of a few lawyers in the province presently appointed to represent children in cases of child protection matters.


Randi’s practice is primarily focused on resolving issues that arise in areas where a future relationship is threatened and there may be a negative impact on you or on people about whom you care. Some examples include: Separation and Divorce, Wills and Estate Planning, Employment Law, and Business Law.  Randi has over 30 years of experience in litigation, collaborative negotiation, and mediation. She has over 10 years’ experience as an arbitrator.


Her community involvement includes serving as a board member of: Saskatchewan Opportunities Corporation, Representative in the Senate of the University of Regina, Prince Albert Co-Operative Health Centre, the Canadian Federation of Business and Professional Women, the National Council of Women of Canada, and the Prince Albert Economic Development Board. She is also a member of the International Academy of Collaborative Practitioners, the Canadian Bar Association, Family Mediation Canada, Conflict Resolution Saskatchewan, and the Prince Albert Bar Association.


Randi has been active in the community for many years, being involved in economic development, health services, and with organizations addressing social issues. Randi was honoured as a recipient of the YWCA Women of Distinction Award in 2001 for her contribution to her community and profession, particularly in the areas of separation and divorce law, and mediation.


Randi has been asked by the legal profession to submit written articles, and as a result has published articles and presented seminars for the legal profession on a variety of topics including: current issues related to determining income is complex scenarios, preparing clients for litigation or negotiation, current family property issues, and the use collaborative process to increase access to justice.


Randi enjoys helping people plan for the future with a view to reducing: cost, stress, uncertainty, and possible conflict for their family members. In the event of the breakdown of marriage or relationship, or in the event of conflict among siblings regarding an estate, Randi helps people to have respectful, but necessary discussion during difficult transitions. The focus is to help preserve relationships for children or family members, preserve your net worth, and maximize outcomes.

Brent Slobodian

Brent P. Slobodian was admitted as a lawyer to the Law Society of Saskatchewan in 2009, following the completion of his law degree and B.A. (Hon.) in Political Studies from the University of Saskatchewan.  Brent moved to Prince Albert in 2008 to complete his articles, remaining within the community and developing his practice at the firm he is now a partner with Randi Arnot and Daniel Heffernan.


Brent has a practice primarily focused on criminal law litigation.  He has appeared within the Provincial Court of Saskatchewan as well as at the Court of King’s Bench in numerous jurisdictions within the province.  Brent also maintains a general practice which includes family law, family services or child protection law, and wills and estates.


Brent has been a member of the Trial Lawyers of Saskatchewan and the Collaborative Lawyers of Saskatchewan, receiving his training to become a collaborative lawyer in 2010, and is a member of the local Prince Albert Bar Association.

Kristen Clark

Kristen Clark is a lawyer who was born and raised in Saskatchewan. She received her Juris Doctor degree in 2020 and her Bachelor of Commerce degree in 2016 from the University of Saskatchewan.

Following the completion of her education, Kristen moved to Prince Albert where she completed her Articles with Arnot Heffernan Slobodian Law Office.

Kristen continues to enjoy working in Prince Albert and providing her services to clients in the local and surrounding communities. Kristen has represented individuals and corporations from across Saskatchewan, in addition to clients who are located extra-provincially.

Kristen is a skilled researcher, litigator and negotiator. She uses her various skills to provide timely, effective and efficient services to her clients, so that her client’s feel comfortable and confident when they make decisions on their legal issues.

Kristen’s practice is general in nature, and includes addressing legal issues in the areas of civil litigation, real estate, business and corporate, employment and labour, estate planning and administration, privacy, family and intellectual property law.

Kristen is also in the process of developing a mediation practice. In 2022, Kristen completed the National Introductory Mediation Course to develop her skill as a mediator.  Her decision to expand her practice to include mediation is based on the understanding that mediation is often more cost effective, timely and results in a more amicable resolution between the parties, than litigation.

In her spare time Kristen enjoys volunteering, participating on sports teams, biking and running.

Nils Lokken

Nils enjoys listening to people and putting his legal knowledge and life experience to work in order to address their concerns. Nils is developing a general practice of law but has a special interest in wills and estate law. He is also very interested in natural resource law and regulation and welcomes opportunities to work on these matters.

Nils completed his articles with Arnot Heffernan Slobodian in 2023 and was subsequently called the Bar. He obtained his Juris Doctor from the University of Saskatchewan in 2022.

Nils was born and raised in Saskatchewan. After high school, Nils lived in Norway for over a year and then obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Science. Throughout his undergraduate degree, Nils traveled extensively while competing nationally and internationally in cross country skiing. Nils also obtained a Master of Environment and Sustainability degree wherein he worked with Hunters and Trappers Organizations in Nunavut on matters of wildlife co-management. Nils worked for Parks Canada for five years before returning to university to obtain his law degree.

Nils has lived in the Prince Albert area for six years and is involved with the Prince Albert Nordic Ski Club, the Prince Albert String Orchestra, and is a member of the Prince Albert Bar Association. Nils enjoys spending time cross country skiing, playing the violin, and camping in northern and central Saskatchewan with his wife Robin and son Soren.

Margaret Sproule

Margaret Sproule (she/her) is a queer lawyer whose practice includes, but is not limited to, Family Law, Child Welfare, Wills & Estates, and Real Estate.

Margaret works with Family Law clients during all stages of their relationships, helping with cohabitation agreements, adoption and assisted reproduction agreements, separations, parenting agreements, child support, spousal support, issues with child welfare, and divorce.

She strives to communicate openly with clients in a friendly and inclusive manner, and works with her clients and opposing parties to find the most time and cost-effective way to resolve legal issues.

Margaret was born and raised in Sherwood Park, Alberta and fell in love with Saskatchewan after moving to Saskatoon to attend law school at the University of Saskatchewan. She graduated from law school in 2017 and moved to Prince Albert, where she worked as a Correctional Officer for two years before returning to Alberta to work as a lawyer. Shortly after returning to her hometown, Margaret realised she was missing something in her life: Saskatchewan. She moved back to Prince Albert to practise law in the summer of 2021, and has been working at Arnot Heffernan Slobodian since the summer of 2023.

Margaret lives in Prince Albert with her partner, a tiny dog, several fish, and a nearly-unmanageable number of plants. In her free time she enjoys reading, playing computer games, and doing anything that gets her outside and allows her to enjoy the fresh air and forests of Northern Saskatchewan.

Awards and Recognitions:
• Brad Berg and Brian Rolfes LGBT Rights Scholarship, 2016
        • Recognizes a student’s exemplary commitment to the pursuit of LGBT rights while enrolled in the USask College of Law
• PA Now BOB Award Winner, 2023: Best Family Lawyer in Prince Albert

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