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Wills and Estate Planning Why is it important to have a valid and up-to-date will? In a will, the person making it, the testator, specifies how they want their possessions and assets, also known as their estate, distributed. It is really up to the testator to determine how they would like to organize their will.…Read More

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Simply put, a Cohabitation Agreement can take some of the uncertainty out of a Separation while protecting the finances of both former partners. When a couple has agreed beforehand about what will happen to their finances and property in the event of a separation, they are able to spend their time after a breakup focusing…Read More

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Delays in shipping can ruin perishable goods, motor vehicle accidents can damage all manner of items and thefts can occur. There are often implied terms in the shipping contract and legal rules which effect the liability of the shipping company or broker. Your rights and obligations may not be obvious when this happens. For example,…Read More

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Conflict is hard on people; family conflict especially so. No one who has been through separation or divorce would deny the grief and anxiety it can cause. Well-meaning friends will offer advice, or stories they’ve heard about someone else they know. Let your friends be supportive, and take their support; but for legal advice, take…Read More

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Your Enduring Power of Attorney continues during your lifetime and the authority granted under it is not terminated by your lack of mental capacity in the future, unless you have revoked it while you have had the capacity to understand the nature and effect of your Enduring Power of Attorney and the effect of terminating…Read More

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